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Easter Shenanigans

Since I was a little kid, my mom would take Easter hunts to the next level. She started with little hunts in the house, hiding our Easter baskets and then drawing out clues for us to go find, leading us to our baskets.

One year, everything changed. We had moved up to our mountain house near Masonville, Colorado, and my mom now had almost an acre of land to work with. That’s when the hunts went from good to great. My mom started incorporating three-legged blind races, physical obstacle courses, and trivia skills, on top of our normal treasure hunting.

After that, the hunts got bigger and bigger and more epic. When I turned 17, the hunts started to include driving. Mom would go around town and leave clues everywhere. She started to include certain tasks we had to complete, as well as items we had to collect as well. One year, we had to get my Mom her favorites: Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi and a brownie. Another year, we had to all go into a gas station. I had to ask the attendant three specific questions in three different accents. My sister Andria had to sing a song. My sister Michelle had to spin in a circle and quack like a duck. The attendant was instructed to not give us our next clue without completing those tasks.

I turned 30 this year. My siblings are 29, 28, and 26. And you can BET we all still do our big Easter hunt every year. My mom has made each hunt bigger and better every year, and she loves putting it together for us. We all look forward to our Easter shenanigans and our sibling bonding time.

Covid put a huge damper on that entire thing this year. We were unable to do anything together as a family on Easter, including our epic Easter hunt. I decided to put Easter off a week, with the plan to do an egg hunt for my kiddo and bring my family up to the mountain house where I’m staying right now on the 19th instead of the 12th. Well, my uncle (who I’m staying with) tested positive for the virus, so we were back to isolating and my family wasn’t able to come up.

So this year, I decided to set up a hunt for my mom.

Some of you know that one of my favorite things to do is hide my mom’s silverware from her. It has been a source of endless entertainment for me for years. This year, I snuck into her house and took her silverware, and sent her on an epic treasure hunt for it. I sent her all over Loveland looking for clues, and while she was gone, I snuck back into her house and hid the silverware in her couch. My kiddo wanted to join in the fun, so the day before the hunt, I did a little bunny-fication on the two of us, and we went to take pictures at all of the clue locations. When she needed help, I’d text her a photo of her personal Easter bunnies in the location. We had a blast, and she did too.

I think it’s important right now to still try to connect as much as we can through this. As human beings, we are comforted by touch and need human connection to be happy and healthy. Not being able to touch each other will drive us insane. Hopefully soon, we’ll have tests readily available and we can find out who has had the virus, who does have it, and who can still get it. I know the lack of touch is driving me crazy. Every day I’m thankful that I have my kiddo with me, so she and I can still hug and snuggle. I feel for her dad though, who has only video chatted and chatted through a car window with our kiddo for about a month. No hugs or snuggles, no tickles, no would kill me.

However, as our governor announced yesterday, salons will be opening back up soon. Chris Lane is officially set to open on May 1st. I am extending my normal hours to accommodate everyone, and if needed I will add another day.

As of right now, I will be working the following schedule:
Tuesdays 9am-8pm
Wednesdays 9am-8pm
Saturdays 9am-5pm

I’ve opened up my Tuesday evenings and my Wednesday mornings so I can get everyone in who needs it. Prior to extending my hours I was completely booked for the first three and a half weeks of May!

I am offering all services upon my return, including Natural Beaded Rows extensions. If this isolation has taught me anything about my hair, it's that I feel SO much more like myself and so much better when my hair's on point. I had to take my rows out about a week ago, and let me tell you: it sucks. I hate not having my rows in, and needing color and a haircut on top of it is only making the situation worse. I cannot wait to get back to the salon to get my own hair done, and I can only imagine how you all are feeling.

If you want to reserve an appointment, please click here or call (970) 685-4532. I’d get on that as quickly as possible though, so that I can for sure get you in this month. If you are worried about sanitation and disinfection, please feel free to shoot me an email with any questions you may have. I am proud to tell you all about our sanitation and disinfection procedures that go above and beyond state board procedures.

I can’t wait to see you all! From my family to yours, Happy Easter! <3

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