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Blonde AF Problem

Every blonde I’ve ever met wants their hair to be long and lucious and full. And let’s be real: that’s a really tall order.

Blonde hair is hard.

The process can be damaging, your hair is fragile no matter how well you take care of it, and you’re always concerned about unwanted tones in the hair. It seems like as soon as you get as light as you want, your hair starts breaking off on the ends.

Even with deep conditioners and Olaplex, blonde hair is fragile and requires special care. Regular highlight or lightening appointments, toning and glazing appointments in between, specialty hair care products like purple shampoo, Olaplex, and deep conditioners, and limited heat styling all are required to have long, healthy, blonde hair. Even then, blonde hair can break. One wrong move and it is gone.

If you want your blonde hair to be long, full, AND healthy, there is an answer for you.

Natural Beaded Rows Extensions

NBR extensions are great for blondes because they cause significantly less damage to the natural hair than other extension methods (even other hand-tied methods).

The benefit of adding Natural Beaded Rows is that you can have lighter, more blonde hair with less overall damage. You’ll have fuller hair and can add the length you’ve always wanted. Natural Beaded Rows also feature a simple and specialized hair care routine [LINK] that will not only make your extensions look great, but it will help heal your natural hair too!

If you feel like you are a good fit for Natural Beaded Rows extensions, click here to apply for your own Dream Hair!

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