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Why I Chose NBR

NBR, or Natural Beaded Rows if ya fancy, is a hand-tied hair extension system created by Danielle K. White. It uses beads and thread to create a track onto which secondary hand-tied wefted hair is stitched.

There are several reasons I chose to learn the original method from the original creator, instead of one of the cheap knock-off versions.

I personally have never had my "dream" hair. When I hit puberty, my hair changed completely. It was always a little wavy, but once I hit about 12 years old, my curl exploded. I had no idea how to fix it or how to care for it, so I let it just hang there for awhile. I got fed up with it around 16 and cut it off into a cool, rock n' roll style. Unfortunately, I didn't understand the amount of styling I was committing to, and I ended up absolutely hating my hair.

In beauty school, I fried the ever-loving shit out of my hair. I bleached it a bunch, I bleached it again, and I did a chemical straightener on it as well. She was unhappy to say the least.

This was my hair--for at least two years.

Yes, folks--I did this on purpose. You can see how my hair is *trying* to be curly, but it was so, so damaged and the curl couldn't form. It didn't help that I consistently cooked it with my flat iron either.

This was well before the days of Olaplex and I'm honestly surprised that I had hair left on my head.

After doing all this damage to my hair, I needed a bit of of a reprieve. I added some color to my hair and set myself on a journey of healing.

Tinge of the Ginge

My hair was red for about 4 years after that. I embraced my curl and wore it mostly curly. My ends were always stringy and sparse though. I tried a tape-in method of extensions but I found that even when I straightened my hair, the extensions always looked...extension-y. I was super paranoid about people seeing my tabs. If I worked out, or the weather was humid, or it rained, my natural hair would curl or get fluffy, while my extensions would stay straight. It was a dead giveaway and not cute.

I was exasperated and exhausted.

All I wanted was long, pretty hair! It shouldn't be this hard!

I tried everything.

Thickening lotions and sprays.

Medicated shampoos.

Not layering my hair (not a good idea).

Artistic color placement.

Nothing worked.

I kept going back to the idea of extensions. I always wanted them, but the damage to my natural hair was always so bad that in the end they weren't worth it. Even when I was diligent with my care and styling, they would show or not blend well.

Post-Partum Hair Loss

The last straw came after I had my baby in 2016. I suffered from some pretty severe postpartum hair loss. I still have a spot in my recession area that my scalp can be seen through my hair. I was losing hair by the fistful and I was at a complete loss. I stopped styling my hair completely. I stopped getting haircuts. I tried every treatment I could think of.

And then I found Natural Beaded Rows.

Minimal contact points meant less damage to the natural hair.

The best secondary hair available on the market meant the hair lasted longer and looked better.


They were available in curly textures.

That is the joy that amazing hair can give you.

I finally had amazing, long, curly, PURPLE hair that I was utterly obsessed with.

If I knew before that true hair joy was possible, I would have hit that so hard, so much sooner than I did.

I wasted SO much time and money on temporary fixes, products, and services that never TRULY gave me what I needed: more hair.

The fact is: you might just need more hair.

Check out my totally gorgeous Mommy! (She's wearing two rows of custom-colored curly Natural Beaded Rows.)

Natural Beaded Rows are the best available on the market.

And I am so proud to be one of the elite Artists that are able to offer this service.

Have you struggled with achieving your dream hair? Has your hair always seemed thin or fine? Do you struggle with getting body or fullness out of your hair?

You too can have the hair you've always dreamed of. It's simply a matter of adding a little bit of what nature didn't. Look at those happy faces above. Look at the happy faces on my Instagram page. And then decide for yourself that you're ready to finally be happy with your hair. You don't have to live in frustration or anger or sadness anymore. Click here.



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