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Inspiration in Isolation

Isolation is insane. I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been spending a lot of time hanging out on Pinterest, Instagram, and far too much time on Facebook. Facebook gets really overwhelming for me very quickly, and I’ve had three separate Facebook-induced panic attacks.

Instagram and Pinterest are my preferred social media sites. They’re usually not as political and riled up as Facebook can be. My Instagram feed is full of beautiful dancers, pole athletes, fashion, photographers, singers, my salon team, and of course, other hair artists. My Pinterest features all sorts of inspiration for my future dream home, gardening tips, fashion inspiration, wedding inspiration, food, and of course hair.

Right now, I’m very inspired by lived-in blondes, tight, blended highlights with a shadowed root, as always, vivid colors. I’m loving long hair right now, and I just ordered myself my new extensions--in 22” of course. I’m also very inspired by braids and texture, as well as bohemian-styled hair pieces like feather chains, leather strips, and those old-school hair wraps.

I can’t wait to get back into the salon!

I’ve been soaking up as much inspiration as I can. I’ve taken online classes on extension color work, extension cutting, foil work and blonding, balayage, rich color formulation, and wellness treatments like Olaplex, Malibu Crystal Gel, and deep conditioning treatments. I’ve taken four cutting classes, including the Six-Figure Haircut and the Modern Shag. I’ve taken two Salt Society courses from @prettylittleombre on Instagram. I’ve watched countless hours of @freesaloneducation on YouTube.

I’ve also been subjecting my poor cousin and aunt (and even my grandma) to my NBR Power Practice. I’ve beaded and stitched at least six rows on each of them. So you can bet my Natural Beaded Rows are still up to par and ready for you when you are.

Trends I’m predicting for the year include

  • Lived-in color (more rooty, less maintenance)

  • Rich brunettes with subtle highlights and crazy shine

  • Embracing natural color and textures (more gray and curls!)

  • Long hair, with long layers

  • Shagged haircuts

What has been inspiring you lately? What services are you just aching for after all this?

I would LOVE a good shampoo.
I’m also in desperate need of a color service.
I had to take my extensions out too, and you guys know I need my NBR like I need air.

Regardless of what you're needing, I'm happy to get back into the salon and get you taken care of. There are going to be some new changes in the salon, and we're all adjusting to a new normal shifting forward. Please check out my previous blog post about new salon procedures, and be aware that my schedule has shifted slightly. We are not allowed more than 5 stylists in the salon at once, so we've had to adjust our schedules to accommodate that. I ask that you exercise patience as we all adjust, and I promise I will get you in as soon as possible.

Leave a comment below with your isolation inspiration, and what you're most looking forward to when we come back to the salon! Only a few more days now!

I am still offering virtual consultations for new guests, or for guests that are looking to try the leading method in luxury hair extensions.

If you'd like to schedule a virtual consultation, please click here and I'll get you scheduled!

I can't wait to see each and every one of you. Please stay safe and healthy, and I'll take great care of you when you get to my chair.



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