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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question not listed here? Contact me directly and I'll get back to you ASAP. 


What is a typical investment for Natural Beaded Rows Luxury Hair Extensions?

Natural Beaded Rows Luxury Hair Extensions are a luxury service, and as such, are a luxury investment.

Each NBR installation is completely unique and 100% couture--designed and crafted just for you. Because NBR is completely customized, a price point is also uniquely crafted to fit your current reality, your desired result, and your current budget. 


Each NBR installation includes the secondary hair, Couture Color for your natural hair and your secondary hair to create a seamless blend, hair sculpting to ensure comfort and blend with your natural length, a beautiful finished style, a complimentary blowout one week after your initial service, an NBR Wellness Kit for your home care, and a mini photo shoot with me to show off your new look. 

My extension prices begin at $1000 and can increase up to $4000 for an initial installation.

People with extremely damaged hair, extremely fine hair, extremely short hair, or those in need of vivid or corrective color services can expect a higher initial investment.

*I always price quote prior to beginning your Experience.**


Maintenance is required every 6-8 weeks.

Natural Beaded Rows refit appointments include removal of your Rows, Couture Color for your hair and your secondary hair, reinstallation of your Rows, a beautiful finish, and another mini photo shoot. 

New hair will need to be purchased every 3-6 months.

You will not need to replace all of your secondary hair at once; I typically replace a few wefts at a time. Wefts are priced based on desired length and fullness. 

What is a typical investment for Couture Color Hair Color Services?

Unique formulations, fully customized, and designed just for you--that is a Couture Color experience.

Each Couture Color Experience includes my Signature 8-Step Consultation to expertly determine your needs, your current reality, and your desired result. Together, we craft a plan to create a haircut and Couture Color pairing that will seamlessly integrate into your life while giving you a fresh, new look. 


Every Couture Color Experience is Premium and includes a Malibu C Crystal Gel preparation service, a haircut, color transformation, Olaplex, a beautiful finished style, and a mini photoshoot with me to show off your new look. 

My Couture Color pricing begins at $125 and can increase up to $500 for a single session.

Most people looking for maintenance or minor adjustments can expect to invest between $125 and $200.

Most people looking for a major transformation can expect to invest between $200 and $350.

People with extremely damaged hair, extremely dark hair desiring to go significantly lighter, and those in need or vivid or corrective color services can expect a higher investment.

**I always price quote prior to beginning your Experience.**

Maintenance is required every 6-12 weeks, depending on your customized plan.

I typically strive to create a look that is more easily maintained, and therefore less expensive to keep up. 

Most people typically invest the most at their initial appointment, then maintenance is simpler and less expensive.

How do I reserve an appointment with you? 

There are several ways to reserve an appointment with me.

The easiest way is to just click here!

That will take you to my application, where you will answer a few intake questions, and then I will email you from there. 

If you have questions prior to reserving an appointment, you can click here to reserve a Virtual Consultation. We will discuss your needs over a video chat and decide on a plan to create the look you desire. 

Returning clients can click here to reserve the appointment we discussed at your previous appointment.

Why do you reserve 4-6 hours for my initial appointment?

I reserve 4-6 hours for your initial NBR appointment, and typically 3-5 hours for your initial Couture Color appointment. 

Simply: designing fully customized Natural Beaded Rows and Couture Color takes time. I am extremely detail-oriented, and take immense pride in my work. Each color is formulated and placed with extreme attention to detail. Your Natural Beaded Rows are colored and installed with meticulous care. Add in processing time to allow the color to develop, and we have a couple hours invested into your transformation. 

Your maintenance appointments typically range from 1.5-3 hours, depending on services required.

Why do you require an application prior to reserving an appointment?

I require an application prior to reserving a Natural Beaded Rows appointment for a couple of reasons.

First of all, this greatly reduces the amount of time we need to spend consulting on the phone or via email. These questions would be asked one way or another, and it is easier for me as a busy professional to glance over your application and pre-determine if you are a good candidate for Natural Beaded Rows than try to determine that information virtually or over the phone. 

Secondly, it shows a very small investment of time on your part, and that really shows me that you are interested and serious in reserving an appointment with me. I devote a good amount of time to each consultation, and if you are willing to devote a little time to me, it shows that you respect my time and my business as a professional. This also helps you truly determine if you are ready and willing to receive an in-depth luxury service. 

Finally, particularly and especially during a global pandemic, this is becoming a fairly common practice. NBR Artists have been offering this pre-consultation service for years, and many other hair artists are jumping on the game too. I can do most of the consultation prior to even meeting you, and that saves you a trip out of the house and into the fray. Your safety and health are of utmost importance to me.

Why don't you install hair that I already have or have bought myself?

First and foremost: liability.

My insurance will not cover ANY product that is brought into the salon, including but not limited to secondary hair, hair color, shampoo, conditioner, styling products, styling tools, etc. I am liable for every service and product I use, and if you have a reaction to something I use, my insurance and salon have procedures in place to keep you safe and also protect the business. If I were to use secondary hair that you obtained somewhere else, and you had a negative reaction or response, I would still be liable for that. My insurance would not back me or the salon, and we would be forced to pay reparations ourselves. I would also be at risk for losing my license and banned from ever receiving my hair or cosmetology license ever again. 

Simply: the risk to you, myself, and my business is far too great.


Not all secondary hair is created equal. The hair I have elected to use for all of my NBR installations has been approved by Natural Beaded Rows and BMS in California and is used by NBR Artists and trainers around the world. Hair that is not provided by my provider is not verified remy, double drawn, or even human. The hair quality is extremely important to achieving a beautiful end result. 

Can I take my hair home with me?


I do things a little differently than many extension artists out there.

When you purchase your secondary hair initially, you are not purchasing a set number of "packs" from a supplier. You are purchasing hair from the salon. I have a large supply of hair that I pull several colors from to create your NBR Experience. This is actually less expensive for you because you're not required to pay for more hair than you need or shipping.


We use a system similar to that of car mechanics: Parts (secondary hair, color, supplies, etc.) and Labor (my time and expertise).

Natural Beaded Rows

Natural Beaded Rows are a luxury hair extension service used to add fullness or length to your natural hair. This is not a medical device. 

Prior to reserving your appointment, a retainer must be paid to the salon. Your retainer amount will be discussed with you during your phone or virtual  consultation. This retainer is non-refundable. Once you have purchased your secondary hair, there are no returns or refunds available. 

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations less than 24 hours prior to your appointment will be subject to a cancellation fee of 30% of original services reserved, to be paid prior to reserving  your next appointment.


No-shows will subject to a no-show fee of 80% of original services reserved, to be paid prior to reserving your next appointment. 

Please feel free to reach out to reschedule your appointment if needed. I ask that you reach out at least 24 hours in advance, though I understand extenuating circumstances occur. Please let me know and we will see what we can work out together. Rescheduling your appointment more than 3 times will incur a rescheduling fee of $25. 

If you are running late to your appointment, please call the salon and discuss with them. If you will be more than 10 minutes late, you may need to reschedule. I work every second of our time together, and it is important to me and to the integrity of the service and experience that our time is utilized effectively. Please be aware that running late affects my entire schedule for the day and affects more than just your appointment. 

If I am running behind, I will have the salon call you. If your appointment must be rescheduled due to your time constraints, you will not be subject to a cancellation or rescheduling fee, and I will add a complimentary deep conditioning treatment on to your next appointment. 

Investment--Couture Color
Cancellation Policy
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